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WBO Meeting and Show 2017

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Just recently I took a trip to Budapest to take part in the latest World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO) meeting and view their 5th World Show. Both the meeting and the show exceeded my expectations. At the meeting there were 29 delegates representing 15 countries from afar apart as Australia to United States. The meeting not only gave the big boys from the Germany and United Kingdom a chance to state their opinions but also the smaller new societies like Egypt and Lebanon. Topics such as research and international judges were debated at length with valuable contributions coming from Portugal and Italy.

The research topic certainly appears to open up a new avenue in diagnosing French moult and other feather problems. Carlos Ramoa, the current WBO chairman, informed the meeting that a Portuguese University was prepared to assign resources to this subject. His comments gave the impression that the initial work would be free of charge but when challenge he was unable to confirm any costs that may be needed in the future. However it was interesting to learn that the Budgerigar Society (BS) was prepared to back the research to the tune of £10,000 if it should proceed.

The show was perhaps the closest anyone has come to presenting a genuine World Budgerigar Show. Although the total benched entry of around 500 may not compare with the larger shows in Europe the number of countries represented was, I believe, the greatest ever assembled under one roof. Exactly 55 exhibitors from 12 countries took part with the standard of the winners equal if not better than any show held anywhere in the World. The Best in Show exhibit was a Superb Young Cinnamon Grey Green Cock benched by Daniel Lutolf. This exhibitor also took Best Opposite sex Any Age and Best Opposite Sex Young Bird. The Best Any Age in Show was a Cinnamon Sky Blue Cock shown by Michael Maloney from Germany. The UK flag was held aloft in the form of Ghalib and Janice Al Nasser’s Opaline Sky Blue Cock which won the equivalent of the opaline blue challenge certificate.

The show also provided an opportunity for members from countries without a judging scheme to take a WBO judges test. On this occasion Catalin Josan from Romania was able to take instruction from the three international judges officiating at the event prior to passing with flying colours his final test. Unfortunately for him he now has to serve a further five years on the probationary panel before he can take up his official position as a WBO panel judge.

Finally, congratulations must go to Tibor and Zita Gyerko and the rest of the Hungarian Society for organising such a splendid event in a top class hotel in a very beautiful city.   





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