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WBO World Show Budapest

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In November 2017 Hungary gave home to the biggest WBO event so far. Organised by the ÖWV, the AZ-DWV, Christian Back and Zita and Tibor Gyerkó, the location of the event was the Grand Hotel, that can be found on the Margaret island, in the heart of the city. Special thanks to the OG Karlsruhe, Hans Schmidtmeister, Daniel Lütolf and Bob Wilson, without them this event could not have been created!
The organisers were also pleased by the presence of one of the greatest german budgerian breeders, Leo Endres!
WBO Congress, WBO World Show, austrian, hungarian and romanian National Show could have been organised on one competition.
After 4 years of preparation work, 27 countries attended on the competition, from Australia to the USA.
Almost 300 breeders  reserved an accommodation in the Hotel for the weekend. In this 3 days many interesting programs were waiting for the visitors.
On Friday afternoon 130 breeders attended on a dinner in a hungarian restaurant. The atmosphere was really good and friendly.
On Saturday night 230 people participated on a boat cruise with a Gala-Dinner and Award Ceremony. Next to this, sightseeing in Budapest and wellness completed the whole program.
From a professional site, after the congress visitors could listen to 3 interesting presentations. Daniel Lütolf, Maarten Heylen and Christian Back made amazing presentations.
510 birds from 12 countries, 62 exhibitors entered the competition.
The judgement was on Friday and we was lucky to have a lot of helper from all over the world like form Germany, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, USA, Hungary to support our judges and to let the judgement go smoothly.

The judgees represented 3 continents.

Armin Gieger, Switzerland
Julie Willis, USA
Alan Rowe, Australia
Dino Pocecco, Italy

The referees, exhibitors and visitors said, that a very high quality exhibiton have been organised.

The results:

Best In Show                                    Daniel Lütolf
Best Opp. Sex                                  Daniel Lütolf
Best Adult Bird                                  Michael Marone
Best Adult Opp. Sex                          Daniel Lütolf
Best Young Bird                                Daniel Lütolf
Best Young Opp. Sex:                      Daniel Lütolf

Best Lightgreen                               Daniel Lütolf
Best Skyblue                                    Daniel Lütolf
Best Graygreen                                Michael Marone
Best Gray                                         Michael Marone
Best Dark Normal                             Clemens Keller
Best INO/Lacewing                           Daniel Lütolf
Best Yellowface                                Daniel Lütolf
Best Yellow/White/Clearwings       Gerhard Payr
Best Cinnamon                                  Daniel Lütolf
Best Cinnamon Opaline                    Daniel Lütolf
Best Opaline                                      ZG Kohout
Best Dominant Pied                          Daniel Lütolf
Best Recessiv Pied                             Daniel Lütolf
Best Spangle                                      Daniel Lütolf
Best Texas Clearbody                       Daniel Lütolf
Best Crest                                           Enrique Pumarega
Best Paar/Kollektion                        Michael Marone


Best Color Budgerigar                      ZG Stieglmayer
Best Color B. Opp. Sex                       Günter Donnerbauer
Best Color Young Breeder                Henrick Hiemenz

Best C. Normal Green                        Dieter Hopfinger
Best C. Normal Blue                          Günter Donnerbauer
Best C. INO/Lacewing                       Günter Donnerbauer
Best C. Cinnamon                              Susanne Hertl
Best C. Cinnamon Opaline                Günter Donnerbauer
Best C. Opaline                                  Susanne Hertl
Best C. Spangle                                  Günter Donnerbauer
Best C. Pied                                        Mario Lechner
Best C. Gray/Clearwings                   Susanne Hertl
Best C. Other                                      ZG Stiegelmaier

Best Austrian Bird                             Michael Marone
Best Austrian Opp. Sex                     Michael Marone
Best Old Bird                                     Michael Marone
Best Old Opp. Sex                              Tomas Grajzar
Best Young Bird                                Michael Marone
Best Young Opp. Sex                         ZG Kohout
Best Color Budgerigar                      Günter Donnerbauer
Best Color Opp. Sex                           Susanne Hertl


Best Hungarian Bird                         Tibor Gyerkó
Best Hungarian Opp. Sex                 Tibor Gyerkó
Best Old Bird                                     Tibor Gyerkó
Best Old Opp. Sex                              Tibor Gyerkó
Best Young Bird                                Tibor Gyerkó
Best Young Opp. Sex                         Tibor Gyerkó
Best color Budgerigar                       Zita Gyerkó
Best color Opp. Sex                           Zita Gyerkó

Romanian Champion                        Liviu Nistor
Romanian Best Opp. Sex                  Liviu Nistor



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